Nexdot develops the synthesis, the production, and the applications of a new generation of semiconductor nanocrystals with controlled size and shape: Quantum Dots (QDs). We are the world leader for the development of nanoplatelets – 2D nanosheet Quantum Dots with upgraded properties.

We are a spin-off company from a world-class academic lab at ESPCI (Paris, France) in nanomaterial research and we benefit from more than ten years of experience in fundamental and applied research on nanomaterials and their technological applications.

After four years of intense internal R&D efforts, we have developed unique know-how for the production of colloidal Quantum Dots and Nanoplatelets, Our proprietary materials with controlled shape and composition are unique and bring new expectations for use in displays, lighting, energy storage, detectors, and bio-imaging.

Nexdot gathers young, enthusiastic, top level scientists and a board of senior executives with very strong track records on company management and innovation leadership.


Quantum Dots are semiconductors nanocrystals exhibiting outstanding optical and electronic properties. These crystals of a few nanometers are one of the most promising technologies in the decades to come. Learn more


Nexdot is the world leader in the synthesis, the production and the industrial applications of Nanoplatelets, and one of the pioneers in the development of applications using Quantum Dots technology. Learn more